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Bach's 1st and 2nd Cello Suite for Electric Guitar [DIGITAL]


Bach's 1st and 2nd Cello Suites for Electric Guitar.

In a world first, Sam Russell takes these infamous virtuoso pieces of cello music, transcribing and performing them on electric guitar. This record has 13 tracks:

  1. Suite 1 Prelude 
  2. Suite 1 Allemande
  3. Suite 1 Courante
  4. Suite 1 Sarabande
  5. Suite 1 Minuet
  6. Suite 1 Gigue
  7. Suite 1 Prelude Duet feat. Jacqueline Philips
  8. Suite 2 Prelude 
  9. Suite 2 Allemande
  10. Suite 2 Courante
  11. Suite 2 Sarabande
  12. Suite 2 Minuet
  13. Suite 2 Gigue

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