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Groovy Nu Metal Backing Track in Dm (Drop D) #1 - by N&M Creations


Preview the track:

Groovy metal backing track in the key of Dm. Officially licensed from N&M Creations. This is a high quality wave (.wav) file.

These backing tracks are must haves for any electric guitar player:

  • Practice your scales
  • Practice your integration
  • Practice your improvisation
  • Practice your phrasing

Buying the MP3 allows you to do what you like with the backing track - put it into your DAW and record over it, make your over videos with it, slow it down, edit it for your own use. 

Note: This is a download for private use. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact us for a licence.


KEY=Dm / BPM=100

||: Dm | / | / | / :|| (x2times)

||: Bb | / | C | Am7 - Bm7 :|| (x2times) 

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