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Sam Russell - Impetuous Desire [DIGITAL]



Digital copy of the killer heavy metal album "Impetuous Desire" by Sam Russell.

Featuring the song "Leigh Woods" featuring the Queen of Metal herself, Doro Pesch. 

This is the perfect album for hitting the gym to, driving fast (legally and safely of course...) or just rocking the f*** out to. 

Your new digital record includes a 24 page colour PDF booklet, with photos, the lyrics, and a unique piece of art for each song so you can immerse yourself in the stories...

Track List:

  1. The disciples Hand
  2. Waves of Tomorrow
  3. Passing Light
  4. Longing
  5. Leigh Woods (feat. Doro Pesch)
  6. The Darkest Night
  7. Tonight
  8. Fire, Desire
  9. RiffstruMental

Experience that unstoppable feeling of power that comes from great heavy metal and get your copy now! The download is available after you checkout AND download links will be email to you.

Track Description :

  1. The Disciples Hand - a man's journey to free his mind from the shackles the masses think he should be subjected to...
  2. Waves of Tomorrow - we all have to make choices about our lives. Sometimes the best choices are also the hardest...
  3. Passing Light - She's heartbroken, lost and searching for a better tomorrow. As the Sun slowly sets... will she find her way?
  4. Longing - a unique cello and guitar duet... you've not heard anything like this before...
  5. Leigh Woods (feat. Doro Pesch) - A song for anyone who has ever felt like their heart has been torn from their chest and carelessly thrown aside (I got a bit carried away with the art brief for this one...). Also Doro Pesch. Enough said.
  6. The Darkest Night - Based on the 14th century epic poem by Dante Alighieri. This song has the first 3 cantos, telling the story of how Dante wakes up in a dark forest, meets Virgil, why Dante is there, and what happens as Dante and Virgil approach the gates of hell...
  7. Tonight - Can he mend her broken heart, and re-ignite the fire in her soul? There's only one way you're going to find out...
  8. Fire, Desire - Are you willing to follow the fire in your soul and create your own destiny... or will the fire of the world consume you?
  9. RiffstruMental - No fancy description here. I just wanted to show off and shred for a couple of minutes.

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